The "Poetry" installation comprises some 243 hand-made slides and is a collection of thoughts which form part of an environment intended to be encountered rather than described. They are projected in order to remind us of the fragility of memory – again something photographs wonderfully serve to address. There is no sound to accompany the work rather, I feel it best for you to experience the ambient noise around you as you watch and connect that with the "poetry" of its random association(s) with the images. These individual pieces are constructed out of a curiosity to see how our reality projects onto a screen in much the same way as a traditional slide show – but with a wayward bent (yes everything you see is real – they are not photographs after all). This should be interpreted in much the same way as a child discovers the world for themselves for the first time. Please take time to look, listen and feel. There is no other intent except for that of discovery so be free to establish your own dialogue with this work and to make it your own.
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