2003 - 2016
Unique bagged flotsam containing (in)organic materials.
1.belonging to courts of law; used in courts or legal proceedings; as a forensic term; forensic eloquence or disputes.
2.pertaining to or fitted for legal or public argumentation..
The Forensics suite, as their title implies, have an evidential quality about them. They are snapshots of thoughts, snatches of evidence and imply a private language, bagged and sealed, 'evidence' of an event and number about 170 double sided pieces in all and gridded as with the Strange Attractors. Individually the forensics exist as individual parts of a set, yet collectively imply a narrative to be decoded by the viewer. They can be read vertically, horizontally and diagonally and with differing results relative to their context. It occurs to me that all witnesses to an act have a differing view on what actually transpired according to their own history and this is what they bring to this event. The photographs of such an event merely describe and do not interpret for their audience; again this is the auspice of the jury. Adding to the layers of the forensics is an accompanying and unseen response on the reverse side, serving to colour the original meaning. It’s not meant to be seen but experienced nevertheless, just as sound waves below 20hz and above 20khz are beyond most ranges of human range of hearing, yet they serve to flavour their audio environment nevertheless.
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